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Donor advised fund

two hands exchanging money like in a donor-advised funds

Definition of a donor-advised fund A donor-advised fund (DAF) is a solution for corporate philanthropy. Instead of managing grants from the company or in a private foundation, the donor puts his charitable contributions in an independent fund. This fund has its proper management. The donor can only advise the team . . . Read more

Corporation charitable contribution limit

corporation charitable contribution limit hands excanging flower

Definition of a charitable contribution A charitable contribution is a donation to a non-profit. For a corporation, it presents the advantage to reduce its taxable income. This isn’t the only benefit: it can be to meet the employees or the executives’ real desire to have an impact on the world. . . . Read more

Foreign-owned corporations and their foundations

foreign owned corporation building

Definition of a foreign-owned corporation A foreign-owned corporation or foreign-invested enterprise is a corporation that comes from a foreign country. So, if a company from France wants to participate in Germany, it will establish a company in Germany. This would fall under the appellation foreign-owned. Behind the concept For the most . . . Read more

Corporate donors

corporate donors shkig hands with receivers

Definition of corporate donors In the charity environment, a donor is someone who gives money or property to a non-profit. Furthermore, a corporate donor is a company donating to a non-profit. Behind the concept What motivates the corporate donors? Donations from enterprises are pretty spread in the companies’ practices. The incentives to . . . Read more

Corporate foundations

corporate foundations buildings

Definition of corporate foundations A corporate foundation is a type of foundation. This means that it is a non-profit organisation, different from the company. It is part of the private foundation family. The characteristic of this one is that the majority of the funds are coming from one source. The corporate . . . Read more


Grant hands handing money

Definition Of Grant A grant is a non-refundable donation – in the shape of cash or in-kind contribution – that can vary in size. Usually, it comes to an organisation funding a non-profit, but in practice, it’s easy to encounter different scenarios. Behind the concept of Grant A granter, indeed, can . . . Read more

Charitable giving (charitable donations)

charitable giving - hands holding a gift

Definition of charitable giving The charitable giving takes the form of donations, made by individuals to a charity or an association. Behind the concept… Charitable giving is a big part of what makes a foundation live. They raise funds from individuals along with government, other charities and enterprises’ funds. When . . . Read more

Charitable organizations (Charities)

charitable organisations employee hands together

Definition of charitable organizations Charitable organizations are non-profit organizations with philanthropical, charitable, educational or religious goals. The objective has to be to improve the public interest. Legislation and juridical status of those are different following the country. Behind the concept A charitable organization is often called a charity or a . . . Read more

Ambush Marketing

Definition Of Ambush Marketing Ambush marketing, broadly refers to a situation in which a company or product seeks to ride on the publicity value of a major event without having contributed to the financing of the event through sponsorship. The strategy of the official sponsors’ rivals is typically targeting major . . . Read more

Brand Awareness

Definition Of Brand Awareness Brand awareness is the process by which consumers recognise the existence of a company. Brand awareness is a key element when promoting a product or service and its particularly important when launching a new product in the market therefore the aim for this process is to . . . Read more