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Brand Awareness

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Definition Of Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is the process by which consumers recognise the existence of a company. Brand awareness is a key element when promoting a product or service and its particularly important when launching a new product in the market therefore the aim for this process is to differentiate the company’s product and or service from competitors

Breaking Down Brand Awareness

Product and or services that manage to maintain, throughout their life cycle, a high level of brand awareness compared to their competitors are likely to generate higher sales. It is the degree to which consumers precisely associate the brand with the specific product and or service instead than a competitors’.
The process of awareness also incorporates brand recognition and brand recall.
The brand awareness is improved to the extent to which brand names are selected; the easier they are to pronounce or spell the easier they are to remember.

There are two types of brand awareness:

  1. Aided awareness- This means that on mentioning the product category, the customers recognise your brand from a lists of brands.
  2. Top of mind awareness or Immediate brand recall- This means that on mentioning the product category, the first brand that customer recalls from his mind is your brand.

How to increase Brand Awareness

To ensure your brand gets as much visibility as possible we suggest a variety of marketing strategies and options. Once sales start to kick in insure that the service you provide and/or the product you sell maintain its original quality. By doing so word of mouth can and will promote your brand with no further costs.
Here are some usefull tips that can help you get a grater brand awareness.

  1. Social media presence;
  2. Advertise using both traditional and alternative methods;
  3. Brand sponsorship in public events;
  4. Display your products in stores (if applicable);
  5. Launch a PR campaign.

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