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Sponsorship Data

Definition Of Sponsorship Data Sponsorship data is the information critical for any sponsorship professional to use for the analysis and evaluation of the sponsorship activities. Sponsorship data should be used right through the management process of each sponsorship. Useful Links About Sponsorship Data How sponsors choose the best sponsorship projects . . . Read more

Sponsorship Management

sponsorship management

Definition Of Sponsorship Management Sponsorship Management is the way an organization oversees its sponsorship activities. That is, managing pivotal aspects such as project selection, monitoring and assessment. Breaking Down Sponsorship Management Big corporations such as Coca-Cola, Mastercard, McDonald’s and so on spend a lot of money in sponsorship activities and they usually . . . Read more

Sponsorship Request

Sponsorship request

Definition Of Sponsorship Request A sponsorship request is a commercial proposal sent by one individual/organization to another. That purpose is to establish a partnership that can benefit both parties. The focus depends on the context. From the sponsor perspective, we talk about the process of organizing the flow of requests, . . . Read more

Sponsorship Ideas

Definition Of Sponsorship Ideas Sponsorship ideas refer to any suggestions in regards to sponsorship opportunities that could be beneficial to a business. Useful links about Sponsorship Ideas 7 organisations with incredibly successful event sponsorship programs 3 approaches to small event-sponsorship that will increase your exposure

Sponsorship News

Definition Of Sponsorship News Sponsorship news refers to any new information released through media outlets relating to the sponsorship industry. Useful links about Sponsorship News Optimy Sponsorship News

Sponsorship Proposal

sponsorship proposal

Definition Of Sponsorship Proposal A sponsorship proposal is a pitch an individual/organization sends to another organization looking to establish a deal. In this document a partnership seeker (we will call him sponsee from now on) needs to convince the investor (sponsor) of the worthiness of his project. That is, he . . . Read more

Sport Sponsorship

sport sponsorship

Definition Of Sport Sponsorship Sport Sponsorship is a powerful and impactful marketing technique. It consists of the association between a company (sponsor) and a sport club or event (sponsee). The main goal of this partnership depends on the party of the equation: Sponsor: he aims to generate brand awareness and customer . . . Read more

Sponsorship Opportunities

Definition Of Sponsorship Opportunities Sponsorship opportunities are any events or organisations a company could sponsor to help increase their brand awareness. Useful links about Sponsorship Opportunities The sponsorship opportunities of the Tour de France

Sponsorship Management Software

sponsorship management software

Definition Of Sponsorship Management Software Sponsorship Management Software is a tool an organization can use to help improve the efficiency of their projects. A typical software will look to automate and digitalize the data from all parts of the process for the sponsorship activities. Breaking Down Sponsorship Management Software Imagine . . . Read more

Sponsorship Benefits

Unique Sponsorship Benefits

Sponsorship Benefits Sponsorship benefits refer to the return on investment of a sponsorship campaign. It can be measured in a lot of different ways, mainly depending on the goals and KPIs of the company. Breaking Down Sponsorship Benefits Sponsorship yields many temptations for a brand. As a matter of fact, . . . Read more