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Cause Promotion

cause promotion example

Definition Of Cause Promotion

Cause promotion refers to a broad variety of ethical and social activities. Mostly, it describes a scenario where a for-profit company raises awareness on a specific cause or support fundraising, by allocation corporate resources, either cash or in-kind contribution. It can also occur that management urges its employees or customers to take part. Furthermore, it is important to underline that a partnership with a non-profit organization is not essential.

Breaking Down Cause Promotion

Cause promotion falls back into a company’s corporate social responsibility programNowadays it’s common to see a corporation partaking in this kind of activities. They usually allow the company to act alone and independently from charities and non-profit. That is, their projects can come off as more honest and authentic in the eyes of the customers.

A great example comes from Hanes. #Hanesforgood is a campaign launched to fight homelessness (they donated millions of millions of socks to the needy) and raise awareness on it. Hanes invested funds and resources in this project even though few people thought donating socks could be of any help. The clothing brand, on the contrary, showed to truly believe in this movement. They were able to underline how for homeless people a clean pair of sock can mean everything and how it can be the start of a new beginning.

In summarize, the benefits resulting from promoting a cause, besides the social impact, are multiple:

  • Brand image: you can spread the image of a caring and empathic organization.
  • Brand loyalty: people are sympathetic to the brands that partake in social and charitable events, thus, they can be more willing to stick with you if they know your company act for a good cause.
  • Publicity: raising awareness on a certain issue requires promoting it using as many means as possible. Therefore, the consequences can be positive media exposure and publicity.

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