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Charity Causes

Charity causes example

Definition Of Charity Causes

Charity causes refer to the principles a charity stands for. The latter should always specify the aims and objectives it wants to achieve and the movement it supports. This way, it’s more likely to acquire donors and retain them.

Breaking Down Charity Causes

Clearly defining your causes can yield many benefits. As a matter of fact, a charity can gain trust and credibility by being open and transparent about its mission. And in a scenario where the competition is very high and the trust is very low, non-profits need to seize the opportunity to stand out and appear honest and authentic. Also, in a world more and more connected and informed, donors eventually will always expose and unveil your real identity. Let alone that there are platforms and directories offering their expertise to help find the charities which are worthy and efficient.

Take a look at the website of The Life You Can Save, a resource for donors and charities: they have enlisted all the causes they support. As a result, the potential donor is able to have an overview of the most urgent issues affecting the world. Clicking on each of them, moreover, you can rely on in-depth statistics, infographics and testimonials. And, most importantly, you see which charities are better equipped to fight these causes. 

In conclusion, why is it so important to be clear and straightforward about your mission, your values and your charity causes?

  • First, you gain the confidence of prospects as well as customer retention. It is imperative for a non-profit to convince their contributors of the honesty and the efficiency of their mission. This way, they can regularly rely on their donations.
  • Second, managing and sort all the projects out can prevent internal misunderstanding and enhance productivity.
  • Finally, you can gain positive publicity in all those directories, blogs, news and so on that have credibility, influence and deep knowledge.

The different themes of charity causes to support

The subject of the charity cause is central. Indeed, people might consider different types of causes as a good cause to support. Here is a list of different subjects:

  • Animal protection and welfare;
  • Environmental, disaster or long-term based;
  • Health research or caregiving;
  • Children education or activities;
  • Culture art conservation or creation;

Make your donations count

Are you a corporate foundation? Then the charitable cause to which you will donate has other implications. The choice should be carefully made in order to match your company’s brand image. Corporate philanthropy can indeed be a good way to get loyalty from your customers. In order to manage your charitable donations the best way, using a tool is a good solution.

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