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Community Investment Software

Definition Of Community Investment Software

A Community Investment Software is a tool business managers use in order to improve the efficiency of their community engagement projects. That is, automating and digitalizing the data from all parts of the process. Also, a good software helps you focus only on those investment that are worthy and profitable. Therefore, you can reach your CSR goals optimizing your costs and having a result-driven and objective-focused approach.

Breaking Down Community Investment Software

It’s not a secret that today more and more companies are willing to get involved in community activities to boost their brand image and create positive consumer attitude. That’s why it is vital for them to handle and manage all the data that flow directly to their accounts. As a result, the project management process becomes easier and more efficient. In fact, community investment managers can streamline their tasks and focus on the activities that really matter to their purposes.

A good software usually includes four main features:

  • Request management: if you receive many requests, it helps you sort them out and streamline them.
  • Project management: it allows you to juggle different projects, organize them properly, assign tasks and so on.
  • Audit & compliance: it gives you an overview of the projects, allowing you to gather data, generate reports and see the result.
  • Assessment: it gives you the chance to see if your projects met the expectations, scoring and ranking them based on your KPIs.

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