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Corporate donors

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Definition of corporate donors

In the charity environment, a donor is someone who gives money or property to a non-profit. Furthermore, a corporate donor is a company donating to a non-profit.

Behind the concept

What motivates the corporate donors?

Donations from enterprises are pretty spread in the companies’ practices. The incentives to do it can be from two kinds. First, the heads of the enterprise are motivated by the desire to make an impact. Second, it can give the image of a responsible brand. Since more and more people are buying depending on the good actions of the company, this is a considerable motivation. Thus, corporate philanthropy gives advantages of multiple sorts and can be an easy way to improve the enterprise as well as the world.

This is a particular type of donor. A charity has to apply and adapt its argumentation to those specifics. Showing companies how they can benefit from a donation in terms of marketing and brand identity is the best way to attract corporate donors.

What kind of donation do they make?

The donations can be cash or non-cash. For the cash ones, no need of plenty of explanations. The company gives an amount of money, one time or recurrently o the non-profit. It can take a lot of shapes. For the non-cash donations, it seems less obvious. Those can be furniture that the company doesn’t use anymore, such as computers, chairs, tables, etc. It can also be merchandise or vehicles, clothing, food, etc. Such donations can be useful to the receivers.

Who are they, really?

This practice is widespread. All sorts of companies are being corporate donors. It is obviously easier for big companies with a lot of revenue to donate big amounts of money or non-cash. So, they are more famous for that. But medium and small enterprises also often donate at their level.

Some companies have great corporate giving programs. The most known are Apple, ExxonMobil, Walmart, Microsoft, Pepsico…