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Corporate Social Investment Jobs

Corporate social investment jobs offer many opportunities.

Generally, corporate social investment involves projects, which are not directly connected to the core business of a company and thus not increasing company profit. That is one of the main factors differentiating it from e.g. marketing processes as the latter’s eventual purpose is to increase profit. Moreover, the intention of corporate social investment initiatives is more developmental and targets helping and giving back something to the community. Based on this, corporate social investment jobs offer a wide range of opportunities and responsibilities. Arguments that attract high proficient professionals, because employees in this branch can definitely change the perception of a company.

What Corporate Social Investment Jobs Could Be Like

There is not the one corporate social investment job – in fact, employment in corporate social investment can vary in many different ways. Working in corporate social investment department can mean for example:

  1. Sustainability – Paying attention to environmental issues, corporate social investment jobs in this department are getting more and more important.
  2. Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting – Being the backbone of every organization, CSI jobs could also mean measuring and documenting the company’s progress.
  3. Employee Engagement & Community Investment – Boosting the workforce to engage in company-wide community initiatives locally or globally.
  4. Partnership and events – Working with non-profits and organisations to raise awareness for certain issues.
  5. Marketing, communications or public relations – Present and communicate the efforts and success of a company’s initiatives.

Interpersonal competencies, sophisticated communication skills and the ability to connect different strings and dots to a convincing overall performance are essential to working in this field. Unlike other careers, there are various different approaches to get into a corporate social investment job. Due to different concepts of corporate responsibility in respective companies, career changers, as well as long time professionals in this field, are commonly welcomed.


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