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Corporate Volunteering

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Definition Of Corporate Volunteering

Corporate Volunteering refers to the scenario in which a group of employees partake in social activities on a voluntary basis. That is, charitable as well as community-improving initiatives. Above all, this form of volunteering is part of a company’s CSR policy.

Breaking Down Corporate Volunteering

Building an environment where employees feel valued and considered as unique assets can eventually pay off. While we will delve into this subject later on, let’s just say companies nowadays are investing more and more time and resources in creating a workplace where everyone can have a voice in what really matters. Over time, anyway, this concept grew and expanded ending up including volunteering program as a way to strengthen the relationship with employees. Let’s look at two examples of employee volunteering in CSR programs that clearly define and show the cultural impact of this phenomenon:

  • Deloitte. They are a consulting firm operating in almost every country in the world and they have a long CSR tradition. As for volunteering, they guarantee employees 48 hours a year of PAID time in order for them to volunteer in some association. Moreover, they motivate them to take part in fundraising initiatives.
  • Autodesk. This big American software corporation offers its employees 5 days a year to spend helping schools and non-profits. Moreover, they are always involved in social initiatives and campaigns.

What are the benefits?

Now that we have a deeper knowledge of the topic, let’s summarize the benefits coming from corporate volunteering:

  • Reputation: the company can achieve a better brand image and positive customer attitude.
  • Internal branding/employee satisfaction: having your employees getting involved in socially constructive events can strengthen their bond with each other and within the company itself. This automatically leads to…
  • Employee productivity: satisfied employees means more productive and efficient ones. Consequently, a company is able to achieve its objectives reducing costs per product.
  • Employee recruitment/retention: a  stimulating environment can attract more applicants, and probably the best ones. The same environment, later on, can lay the foundations for customer retention. Thus the employee volunteering in CSR is key from the human resources point of view. 
  • Profits: all the benefits above eventually converge into increasing the company’s profits, due to a better reputation, better know-how and cost-reduction.

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