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CSR Software

Csr software

Definition Of CSR Software

CSR software is an application often used by organizations to help them manage their corporate social responsibility activities. Moreover, it allows them to track and evaluate the same activities, thus, focusing only on the most profitable ones.

Breaking Down CSR Software

First of all, let’s start by saying that CSR includes a wide range of activities that can benefit a company in many ways. That is, big corporations have multiple projects going on simultaneously. At the same time, they need to understand the risks coming from not managing and tracking these activities in the most efficient way.

Therefore, it’s pivotal for corporate managers to rely on a software. They can centralize all the projects, manage them in one single place, monitor results, assign tasks and so on.

A good software usually includes four main features:

  • Request management: it helps you sort your projects out and streamline them.
  • Project management: it allows you to juggle different projects, organize them properly, assign tasks and so on.
  • Audit & compliance: it gives you an overview of the projects, allowing you to gather data, generate reports and see the result.
  • Assessment: it gives you the chance to see if your projects met the expectations, scoring and ranking them based on your KPIs

Tips to search for a CSR Software

The best CSR software that you can find should have those 4 features, but also additional qualities.

First of all, you would want it to adapt to your processes. A tool that is not too complete or not as much for your level of professionalism in CSR. The tool should adapt to your processes.

In the second position, the affordability. One of the solutions in this case its to call out for a tool that is stored in the cloud. Indeed, cloud-based solutions offer the possibility to pay-per-use. This is one way to make a solution affordable and cost-efficient.

Thirdly, the software has to give you a good experience. It should also help you save time and resources.

Last tip for the road: at Optimy, we are providing Community investment managers with a great Corporate Social Responsibility Software that meets those criteria.

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