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donor gives tomatos to someone

Definition of donor

A donor is a person or organisation that donates something. It can be addressed to someone or to an organisation. The act of giving has to be freely granted. It is a broad concept, that covers several specific situations. We are going to review them.

Behind the concept

The more common acceptions of a donor are various.

First, we have the donor of organs or blood. That is the more common use of the term. Hospitals and non-profit often need organs or blood to treat sick people. In order to have it, individuals give freely their blood or organs, to help save people. There is also the possibility to give your organs when you die. Another particular segment is the gift of eggs and sperm. This exists in order to help others have a baby.

Second, it is the donation of property, from a benefactor. This second meaning refers to the concept of philanthropy. Philanthropy is a concept that comes from the Enlightenment. Making charity was then a widely accepted concept. Today, either individuals and corporations give. There are several ways for a company to give: through a foundation, a DAF, directly to a non-profit, by supporting the engagement of their employees