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Educational Sponsorship

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Definition Of Educational Sponsorship

We talk about educational sponsorship whenever an organization invests in education-related programs. That is, making sure to eradicate illiteracy as well as giving better opportunities to everybody. There are many ways a company can achieve these goals: donations (cash and equipments), scholarships, and so on. Regardless of the methodology, the aim is always to improve and promote universal access to education.

Breaking Down Educational Sponsorship

As stated above, educational programs encompasses a wide range of activities.

For instance, there are many corporations willing to pay for students’ tuition fees all around the world. And while in Europe this can be unusual since universities are mostly public, in the U.S. this is a common practice

Other firms, on the other hand, help private universities in order to strengthen the bond with their community. This support can take the shape of monetary funding as well as the donation of expensive equipment.

The most popular way companies sponsor students, though, is through a foundation. The latter usually allocate direct scholarships for worthy and low-income students. Nevertheless, there are times when a you can win a scholarship through a contest, with the award going to the student who wrote the best short story, for example – for people applying for creative writing course.

Companies Giving Back to Schools

There are many virtuous examples of big corporations that invest funds and resources in education:

  • Facebook: Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan has always committed their life and time to social and beneficial causes. Among others, they invested millions to help school districts and education-focused organizations
  • Microsofts: the foundation run by Bill Gates and his wife Melissa Gates has donated lots of money for schools. Also, they work hand by hand with policymakers, institutions and so on to directly tackle education-related issues.
  • Coca-Cola: the Coca Cola foundation (funded by the parent company) operate in different philanthropical areas. Education (in the shape of grants) is one of them.


If you want to have more insights on the topics, go to UNIGO web page to find out some of the scholarships sponsored by big brands such as Coca-Cola, Dr. Pepper, Burger King etc.

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