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Grant management: a practical guide

Being a grantmaker is never easy when there are so many tasks to do for each application and when there are so many applications to look through. This article is put together to help you make your grant management easier on a daily basis.

Use a grant management system

As a grantmaker, your goal is to select the best application to fund. You must have a system where it will consist of the steps you need to take in order to look through all applications precisely so you can select the best application. It is very important that you stick to the system to not miss any applications or stages in the process.  A system will help you identify which stage each application is at.
If you have a system, it will help you meet your goals easier because a system is set based on process to take in order to meet your goals.

Be organised

Some stages aren’t doable right away which means you have to come back to the task to complete the process in the system. In order to get each application going, know exactly when you have to come back to complete each task so you can continue with the process. Organise and set a notification for yourself for when you should be coming back to look through the application so you don’t miss a a process.

Communication on your grant management

Communication is key when it comes to doing your job as a grantmaker because grant seekers will be curious about the process of their application. Communicating with your grant seekers should be implemented into every process so you don’t get phone calls and too many emails. This will allow you to focus on your job by evaluating the right applications to fund.

If you are looking for a solution to help you manage the grant applications you are receiving and make every process more manageable, using a grant software will be your solution. If you need further guidance on how technology can help you manage your foundation, please head over to our resources page to download our white paper or click on the link provided.

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