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Grant opportunities: how to assess them

The success of your grant program usually stands for the projects that you choose to fund. Your foundation’s mission statement will be measured through the impact of your projects. Here are some tips on how to assess grant opportunities.

The quality of the proposal

A good grant project will give you as much information as possible. The information should be something that will help you see whether or not the project is going to be successful.

The grant opportunities description

The reason that the project description is very important is because it will tell you whether or not the project’s purpose matches your foundation’s mission statement and your foundation’s focus. The project description should be detailed enough and give you a clear indication on how to assess grant opportunities.

The plan of the project

The plan of the project will help you assess the directions that the project is going to take in order to achieve the goals. You can see whether or not this is going to be successful based on your experience of looking at previous projects action plans.

Budget for the project

Is the budget reasonable and what’s the balance of the project between achieving its goals and how much budget it requires? A key aspect on how to assess grant opportunities is generally linked to the ROI: how much impact will the project generate for how much budget.

Advantages of using a software to assess your grant opportunities

  • Design the application form to answer all the questions to let you know whether or not this is a good project to be funding.
  • Ranking each project based on your criteria after you’ve set the objectives for the projects.
  • Will not allow the applications to proceed to the next step unless they can provide all the information that you require in all the fields.
  • Allow grantseekers to store any documents if required and will not get lost in any other applications.

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