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Social investment

Social investment

Key principles of the social investment concept Social investment is investment made into companies or organisations whose mission directly impact social issues. The aim of social investment is to generate a measurable and beneficial social impact with a neutral or positive financial return. The impact of social investment must be . . . Read more

Corporate Environmental Responsibility

corporate environmental responsibility

Corporate Environmental Responsibility Corporate Environmental Responsibility concerns the environmental aspects of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). It is commonly defined as is the way in which organizations can incorporate environmental issues into their operations in order to eliminate waste and emissions, maximize the efficiency and productivity of its resources and minimize . . . Read more

Women’s empowerment

Three women of different skin color - women's empowerment

Definition of Women’s empowerment Women’s empowerment is, basically, giving power to women in space of society where they didn’t have it. It is a process of making them part of the decision process in a certain area where they didn’t have it. They have to be disempowered in this field as . . . Read more

Corporate Social Investment Jobs

Corporate social investment jobs offer many opportunities.

Generally, corporate social investment involves projects, which are not directly connected to the core business of a company and thus not increasing company profit. That is one of the main factors differentiating it from e.g. marketing processes as the latter’s eventual purpose is to increase profit. Moreover, the intention of . . . Read more

Grant Management Plan

A grant management plan is essential for all grant projects

Definition of Grant management plan A Grant Management Plan is a document, which contains important key points for both the submitter of a grant application and the potential funder. Its purpose is to help to convince the grant maker of your project and also managing it smoothly during its life . . . Read more

Giving circle

giving circle members women laughing

Definition of a giving circle A giving circle is a group of individuals, joining in order to make charitable gifts together. Each group has its theme and goals (for instance: helping people suffering from a specific disease, environment, etc.) Behind the concept Why do people join giving circles? Being a . . . Read more


donor gives tomatos to someone

Definition of donor A donor is a person or organisation that donates something. It can be addressed to someone or to an organisation. The act of giving has to be freely granted. It is a broad concept, that covers several specific situations. We are going to review them. Behind the concept The . . . Read more

Donor advised fund

two hands exchanging money like in a donor-advised funds

Definition of a donor-advised fund A donor-advised fund (DAF) is a solution for corporate philanthropy. Instead of managing grants from the company or in a private foundation, the donor puts his charitable contributions in an independent fund. This fund has its proper management. The donor can only advise the team . . . Read more

Corporation charitable contribution limit

corporation charitable contribution limit hands excanging flower

Definition of a charitable contribution A charitable contribution is a donation to a non-profit. For a corporation, it presents the advantage to reduce its taxable income. This isn’t the only benefit: it can be to meet the employees or the executives’ real desire to have an impact on the world. . . . Read more

Foreign-owned corporations and their foundations

foreign owned corporation building

Definition of a foreign-owned corporation A foreign-owned corporation or foreign-invested enterprise is a corporation that comes from a foreign country. So, if a company from France wants to participate in Germany, it will establish a company in Germany. This would fall under the appellation foreign-owned. Behind the concept For the most . . . Read more