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NonProfit News

non profit news

Definition Of Non Profit News

A non profit news is any fresh information directly or indirectly linked to the nonprofit industry. Its purpose, among others, is to raise awareness and further a cause. Moreover, platforms dedicated to this specific industry represent a good source for donors. The latter rely on them to have a better knowledge of the non-profit world. Also, they can compare charities and other kinds of non-profits to see which one aligns better with their culture

Breaking Down Non Profit News

Everyday we read news related to the non profit world. Nevertheless, in the last years, we witnessed the spread of more and more platforms whose core business focuses mainly on this topic. They keep viewers up-to-date with the latest news regarding non profit-organizations. Also, they pursue goals of cause promotion, community building etc.

The growth of these platforms generated a positive impact. First, they allowed donors to know more about how charities operate, which causes they support and what’s their core business. Secondly, they mean to help non profit organizations improve their management philosophy with tips, best practices and constant support.

If you go to the website of TheNonProfitTimes, you can read its mission statement, which is characterized by a wide variety of purposes. Here is an extract: “[…]To provide news and information to help nonprofit executives improve their fundraising efforts and to run their organizations more efficiently. To offer our readers a rich mix of news and “how to” features across a variety of disciplines in nonprofit management, including fundraising, financial management, human resources, public relations, technology, and much more”

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