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Corporate Social Marketing

Example of Corporate Social Marketing

Definition Of Corporate Social Marketing Corporate Social Marketing generally refers to a campaign intended to improve public health, safety, and the environment. The overall objective of a company is to generate a behavior change. It is considered to be part of CSR and it contemplates the use of corporate resources to achieve . . . Read more

Educational Sponsorship

Educational sponsorship illustration

Definition Of Educational Sponsorship We talk about educational sponsorship whenever an organization invests in education-related programs. That is, making sure to eradicate illiteracy as well as giving better opportunities to everybody. There are many ways a company can achieve these goals: donations (cash and equipments), scholarships, and so on. Regardless of . . . Read more

Employee Engagement

employee engagement framework

Definition Of Employee Engagement Employee engagement is the extent to which employees engage in a company’s framework. That is, participating in the corporate social initiatives as well as having real responsibilities and playing a central role in the business decision process. Breaking Down Employee Engagement We know the employees are . . . Read more

Event Sponsorship

Event Sponsorship example

Definition Of Event sponsorship Event sponsorship is the way in which organizations give support to an event by providing financial assistance, products or services. It is probably the most profitable form of sponsorship. By associating the image of the company with a major event (whether it’s sport, art, culture,…), event . . . Read more

Impact Investing

Symbolic picture of impact investing

Definition Of Impact Investing Impact investing reflects the act of pursuing both a financial and beneficial return, by investing in social and environmental projects. The latter can be brought about by private corporations, funds, universities and so on. The common denominator here is the intention of generating some good. That is, . . . Read more

Performance Management

Performance management illustration

Definition Of Performance Management Performance Management refers to an overall system that has the ultimate purpose of making employees more productive. The latter, thanks to the implementation of this methodology, have a better understanding about the tasks they need to perform as well as the goals and the targets they . . . Read more



Definition Of Philanthropy Based on the Greek words “philos” and “anthropos”, philanthropy literally means “love of mankind”. It refers to selfless and noble acts in the shape of donations. These consist of cash or essential goods. While the term has been around for centuries, in the modern era it acquired . . . Read more

Portfolio Management

portfolio management

Definition Of Portfolio Management Portfolio Management (finance): the administration of an individual’s or corporation’s financial investments. It refers to the processes, policies, decisions and methods on how to invest someone’s funds. The purpose is to minimize risks and achieve average or above-average returns. (Project) Portfolio Management: it refers to the process . . . Read more

Private Foundation

building of a private foundation

Definition Of Private Foundation So what’s a private foundation? Its main characteristic is that it is a non-profit organisation, funded by one entity (person or company). Its mission is to help a cause. Through the donation of money or property, the private foundation, like any foundation, will try to have . . . Read more

Project Management

project management representation

Definition Of Project Management When you talk about Project Management, you are referring to a range of activities whose solely purpose is to reach a specific goal/target. Eventually, it’s all about the ability to control and handle every single aspect of a project and meet its requirements. Breaking Down Project Management . . . Read more