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Request Management

request management

Definition Of Request Management

Request management is the way an organization manages and tracks all of their incoming requests. It’s the first step to a successful sponsorship/grant project. 

Sponsorship: How To Handle Your Requests

If you are a sponsorship manager at a big company such as Coca-Cola, applications and requests for partnerships are a daily occurrence. The way you manage, optimize and rank them is of absolute importance. As a matter of fact, sponsorship is an effective and powerful marketing strategy. Nevertheless, it’s important to employ it in the right wait. That is, since it comes to a high investment, it’s vital to have a system that allows you to receive proposals so that you can carefully select those ones that are consistent and relevant to your brand. And how does this process work?

First, make sure you rely on the right tool: a software that help you manage all of your projects can definitely be an option. The latter will give you the opportunity to better handle all the incoming flow of requests. Moreover, you can design in a way that allows you to score the applications based on your personal criteria.

After that, analyze and assess the value of each of the requests. This way, you will have a better overview of all the potential projects. Which ones better align with your culture? Are the sponsees reliable? Do they have a good reputation?

Grants: How to Handle Your Requests

Foundations, governments and also for-profit companies, in order to support a cause, can either donate goods and services or write grants. The latter is the most traditional way to do charity (although it’s not always the most effective, as showed here). Grant managers at big foundations are everyday under pressure: they have to choose the best projects to fund. Since it’s not just about the amount of money invested but it relates to the foundation’s core business (and future sustainability), we are in front of a really sensitive task. You don’t want to partner with another organization that turns out to be inefficient and ineffective. It would eventually affect your reputation and image.

The process underlying grant request management is not too different from the sponsorship one. A software is essential since it helps you automatically receive, filter and rank applications based on your criteria. Then you can personally go through all the projects and throughly assess their value. Consult with experts and make your final decision.

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