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Sponsorship Activation

Sponsorship Activation

Definition Of Sponsorship Activation

Sponsorship activation is the intention of independently promote and advertise, from a sponsors’ point of view, towards a specific marketing opportunity. Such process is formed by the tactical activities that the sponsors devise to exploit to the fullest and by the marketing rights derived from the sponsorship. Think of it like a way to ”switch on” your sponsorship.

Breaking Down Sponsorship Activation

Sponsorship Activation requires a deep understanding of brand synergy to ensure strong affiliations are formed and intelligently promoted.

Activation, delegates responsibilities and expectations with the involved parties negotiating some level of benefit to their brand awareness and bottom lines.

Ideally, sponsorship are symbiotic. This means that each participant mutually prospers in some meaningful manner.
Although brands, seeking to link themselves with particular individuals, events, or organisations assume the brunt of the financial burden.

Such process should directly relate to a brand’s marketing activity.
Sponsoring is what businesses do in supporting organisations.
The activation process is where both audience and sponsor goals come together to achieve common goals.

To understand better, such process can be brought down to three easy steps.

Step 1: Negotiate beneficial contracts for brand sponsors.
-Ask your audience what they like and don’t like about your event, space program etc…
-Ask them what their expectations are towards the campaign and what they wish to have more or less of

Step 2: Build creative brand activation programs to excite and engage consumers
Be sure to use activity communicate with your prospective sponsors about what you have heard from your audience

Step 3: Leverage all benefits and elements of a partnership to optimise program spend
Ask your sponsors what outcomes they are hoping to achieve.

Such outcomes must follow the SMART criteria: specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time based.

Create an opportunity that solves all major problems for your audience and attach your sponsors’ goals outcomes to that opportunity.

The best part about activation-focused sponsorship is that it’s easy.
Seekers don’t have to come up with ideas. Just ask your audience what they want, then ask your sponsors what they are trying to achieve and bring the two together.

To conclude, your audience and your sponsors are the best sources for activation ideas; there is no need for guesswork.

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