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Sponsorship Management Software

sponsorship management software

Definition Of Sponsorship Management Software

Sponsorship Management Software is a tool an organization can use to help improve the efficiency of their projects. A typical software will look to automate and digitalize the data from all parts of the process for the sponsorship activities.

Breaking Down Sponsorship Management Software

Imagine a big corporation such as Coca-Cola: the sponsorship manager will likely have to deal with requests coming from hundreds of event planners, organizations and so on. So, what are his options? He may handle everything relying on spreadsheets or other kinds of documents, but the downside can be inefficiency.

On the other hand, he could use a software. The latter yields the benefits of optimizing your flow of requests, managing all ongoing projects and being able to arrange everything from one single interface.

As a matter of fact, a brand always needs to define a clear strategy with tangible and measurable goals. Therefore, all marketing activities need to be coherent and consistent with the mission and criteria previously established. And sponsorship is no exception. You have to make sure that your investment is effective and targeted. Relying on a software can help you increase efficiency and productivity, thus making sure you are meeting the expectations and getting results.

Sponsorship Software Features

In conclusion, how does a software works? Taking a look at Optimy, we identified four main features:

  • Request management: if you are a big corporation and you receive many sponsorship requests, it helps you sort them out and streamline them.
  • Project management: it allows you to juggle different projects, organize them properly, assign tasks and so on.
  • Audit & Compliance: it gives you an overview of your projects, allowing you to gather data, generate reports and see the result.
  • Assessment: it gives you the chance to see if your projects met the expectations. It can score and rank the projects based on your KPI.

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