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Sponsorship Request

Sponsorship request

Definition Of Sponsorship Request

A sponsorship request is a commercial proposal sent by one individual/organization to another. That purpose is to establish a partnership that can benefit both parties. The focus depends on the context. From the sponsor perspective, we talk about the process of organizing the flow of requests, analyzing and rank them etc. On the other hand there is the sponsee, who has to write the proposal and convince the sponsor of the validity of his project.

Breaking Down Sponsorship Request

Sponsorship is generally acknowledged as a very effective and targeted marketing technique. As a matter of fact, all global firms spend tons of money for it. Think about all the major sport events: can you think of one in which you didn’t come across a famous brand? Coca-Cola, Visa, McDonald’s etc. They all sponsor events and other organizations. The purpose depends on the single company (for more info, read about sponsorship benefits here) and its overall marketing plan. Some hope to raise awareness while others intend to differentiate from the competitors. Another goal can be to grow customer loyalty.

Regardless of the goals, managing sponsorships requires time and resources from both parties. An important step of the process is, indeed, the moment of the request:

  • Sponsor: big companies daily receives many sponsorship proposals. What’s the best way to deal with this flow of requests? A software in this case can be useful. It can help you streamline the applications and filter them out based on specific indicators of your choice.
  • Sponsee: before writing a proposal, you have to ask yourself some questions. What will you focus on? How are you going to make a compelling case? You have to convince the sponsor of the validity of your project. How does it differ from the competition? What are the point of differentiation. You have to point out the advantages and the benefits coming from the partnership. What are the overall business objectives? Are they coherent with the brand’s values and core business? Make sure to focus on the right points and strike the right chords. It’s the only path to achieve your goals

In summarize, the first step to a successful and profitable commercial relationship is when a sponsee write a requests to the sponsors. This is when the latter has to decide if the project is worth the investment, what is the expected return and what are the main benefits.

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