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Music Sponsorship

Music Sponsorship festival

Definition Of Music Sponsorship Music Sponsorship is a marketing technique whose aim is to achieve brand awareness and increase revenues mostly through live music events. Furthermore, addressing a specific and rich target, this marketing tool allows companies to gain loyalty and adopt premium prices.  Breaking Down Music Sponsorship This form of brand . . . Read more


sponsorship icon

Definition Of Sponsorship The definition of sponsorship largely depends on the context you want to frame it. Nevertheless, the two most common ways to describe it are the following: A brand, organization or individual sponsoring an event, tournament or sport club in order to raise awareness and increase revenues. A person who . . . Read more

Sport Sponsorship

sport sponsorship

Definition Of Sport Sponsorship Sport Sponsorship is a powerful and impactful marketing technique. It consists of the association between a company (sponsor) and a sport club or event (sponsee). The main goal of this partnership depends on the party of the equation: Sponsor: he aims to generate brand awareness and customer . . . Read more

Sponsorship Awards

Definition Of Sponsorship Awards Sponsorship Awards are given out to those who practice sponsorship in the most innovative and successful manner. Useful Links About Sponsorship Awards Optimy shortlisted for Brussels Best Exporters award! Top 10 must go sponsorship events 2017