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Community Volunteering

Community volunteering

Definition Of Community Volunteering Community Volunteering is the way in which a group of individuals from a community partake in social, charitable and environmental activities on a voluntary basis. Volunteering clearly doesn’t involve any remuneration. Its nature and essence, in fact, relates to the human need of helping others and . . . Read more

Non Profit Organization

A non-profit organization usually pursues humanitarian goals.

Definition of Non-Profit Organization A non-profit organization is an organization whose primary objective is about pursuing a social and humanitarian goal as well as advocating a cause. The mission can range from hunger-relief programs to scientific research projects, depending on the market of reference. Behind the concept Juridically, a non-profit organization . . . Read more

Socially Responsible Business Practices

Socially Responsible Business Practices

Definition Of Socially Responsible Business Practices Socially responsible business practices refers to those corporate activities whose main purpose is to benefit individuals, a community or the environment. They include sponsorship, grants, product donation, corporate volunteering, community engagement and so on. The goals of having a social business strategy in place are the . . . Read more