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Workplace Giving

Definition Of Workplace Giving

Workplace giving is a corporate culture model designed to spur employees to volunteer or make donations to charities. The employer, then, will match the money and the time workers devolve to nonprofits, with either monetary support or other kinds of contributions, such as product donation. This practice is part of a company’s CSR culture.

Breaking Down Workplace Giving

Building a workplace where employees feel valued and appreciated is the first step to enhance a healthy and successful business. As an employer, in fact, your first priority is to treat them with respect and involve them in the core activities. Give them responsibilities, for example, make them feel like they are an integral part of your company. This way, you will acquire happy employees, gain good referrals and, more than anything, be sustainable in the long-term.

There is a rising literature regarding employee engagement. Statistics show how millennials, nowadays, are indeed willing to accept a cut in their paycheck if this is offset by an environment that align with their values. That is, working in a modern, inclusive, innovative and open-minded corporation is more important (at least in the beginning and within certain bonds) than the wage. We live in the age of auto-realization and self-expression. That doesn’t apply only to the relationship customer-favorite brands. It also refer to the need of people to work in a firm that allow them to express their identity.

One way to achieve this outcome is through a responsibility culture. You are more likely to attract and recruit skilled and better profiles if your brand show a certain social consciousness and sensibiliness. Moreover, you may go to the point to  outperform your competitors if you engage in some sort of social activities: donations, in-kind contribution, cause related marketing and a bunch of other initiatives that aim to make an impact in the society. And among these initiatives you can find workplace giving.

How Does It Work?


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