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Community Engagement

Definition Of Community Engagement

Community Engagement relates the scenario in which a corporation invests time and resources in community-related projects. The benefits can be multiple and they all aim to generate a social impact. Also, the organization can enjoy a boost in brand image and reputation.

Breaking Down Community Engagement

Nowadays, a company cannot rely on philanthropy alone. In fact, brands need to participate more and more in community activities. That means having a say in everyday political, social and economic matters rather than creating a strong bond with your local community. The purpose is to establish a common ground to make a difference.

Some Examples

Examples of this subjects can vary depending on the size of the company/industry: for instance, in light of the events regarding U.S. president Donald Trump and his decision about undocumented immigrants (DACA), a lot of big companies (Facebook, Google and so on) firmly reacted to his announcement condemning the choice and highlighting the principles they stand for. Not only this norm could affect them personally but it was going against their identity and personality as global corporations. In summarize, they showed interest over what was going on in their country and they didn’t wait without doing anything. They reacted to defend their stakeholders (DACA employees) and they generated good publicity as well as positive customer attitude.

From a “smaller” point of views, a lot of companies contributes to the growth and sustainability of the community they operate on. One example comes from Airbnb, for example, which is famous for being socially sensitive: in 2016 it donated $100.000 in order to fight homelessness in NY, while during the devastation followed by Hurricane Harvey in Texas (August 2017) it offered help for the evacuees in search for shelters.

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