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What is impact measurement?

There’s no doubt about it, deciding on community activities impact measurement of can be daunting. Where should I start? How can I measure the impact of all my activities? How do I find out what to actually measure? Choose what community programs to include in your impact measurement Just remember, . . . Read more

What is a belief-driven buyer?

Over the years, the perception people have on business and brands has changed. And it continues changing to a more trusting and progressive buying system. In 2017 alone, the rise of the belief-driven buyer increased to 1-in-2 people, with 67% of people saying they brought from a brand for the first . . . Read more

Event sponsorship best practices

Event sponsorship is always closely linked to budget. When you are going to be putting a certain amount of your organisation’s budget into something, you are going to expect to gain a maximum result. To help you get the most of your sponsorship efforts, here are some event sponsorship best . . . Read more

The power of social impact for corporates

Social impact is a powerful strategy for corporations. Transforming the core business of a company into a heartwarming video showing of how they change lives is probably the best way to gain attention from the public. By maintaining focus on the social impact and stories of people rather than the . . . Read more

What is cause marketing?

Cause marketing is a win-win partnership between a company and a non-profit. Some might think that these partnerships or all about karma, but a great deal of the value in these cooperation’s lies in more tangible aspects, such as being able to access new potential consumer groups and increased brand . . . Read more

Grant management best practices

To award grants and to manage them is a fragile and time consuming process. Take inspiration from those grant management best practices! Think of funders as customers Since your mission needs to be sustainable and successful, you need to treat your funders like customers whilst you are negotiating with them. By . . . Read more

Grant management: a practical guide

Being a grantmaker is never easy when there are so many tasks to do for each application and when there are so many applications to look through. This article is put together to help you make your grant management easier on a daily basis. Use a grant management system As . . . Read more

Grant strategy: why you need one

Whilst planning to find out the best grant strategy that your organisation is going to be using, you’ll be researching so much information that you’ll uncover what works and what doesn’t. You’ll also be able to see example of other case studies if you’ve done your research well to figure . . . Read more

Grant opportunities: how to assess them

The success of your grant program usually stands for the projects that you choose to fund. Your foundation’s mission statement will be measured through the impact of your projects. Here are some tips on how to assess grant opportunities.  The quality of the proposal A good grant project will give . . . Read more