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Employee Engagement

employee engagement framework

Definition Of Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is the extent to which employees engage in a company’s framework. That is, participating in the corporate social initiatives as well as having real responsibilities and playing a central role in the business decision process.

Breaking Down Employee Engagement

We know the employees are one of the most important stakeholders of a company. But we tend to forget it or ignore it. Setting an environment that value the contribution of each of them in a bottom-up decision model can lead to a workplace where everyone gives their best, feeling appreciated and assessed as a pivotal resource.

From a CSR perspective standpoint, moreover, an inclusive and respectful workplace can be traced back to a company’s overall social initiative framework. Also, pushing workers to engage in social activities can yield tangible benefits for your brand reputation as well as for their satisfaction. Many companies nowadays has launched corporate volunteering programs that give their employees a fixed amount of PAID time in order for them to volunteer. 

In summary, a policy that encourages employee involvement can contribute to your business good health in many ways, such as:

  • Brand reputation: imagine if you are famous for treating your employees well. You will gain positive publicity and enhance the image of a kind and human company.
  • Employee satisfaction: boosting your employees’ spirits through fun activities as well making them feel important can have positive effects. The first, obvious one is that they will be happy to work with you. And happy employees means…
  • Employee productivity: when your employees feel good with themselves is not mystery that they will be more productive, too. This is a very simple equation valid in everyday life. Nevertheless, it can be underrated.
  • Profit/cost ratio: this is the ultimate dream of every company. Increasing your profits without additional costs can be hard. Relying on capable and productive employees who work twice as much as their peers and deliver monetary and tangible results can definitely be a solution.

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