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Giving circle

giving circle members women laughing

Definition of a giving circle

A giving circle is a group of individuals, joining in order to make charitable gifts together. Each group has its theme and goals (for instance: helping people suffering from a specific disease, environment, etc.)

Behind the concept

Why do people join giving circles?

Being a member of a giving circle has its benefits. First, it is a way to have a greater impact, with the same budget. Indeed, within a joined action, the impact of it is greater than individual gifts. Furthermore, the members discuss the projects that they want to make. More collective intelligence brings more coherence and more chances to have an impact.

Second, a big incentive is the group part. It is funnier to do charity with a bunch of people than alone. Indeed, it involves meetings, discussions, in a formal or informal context. Like a book circle, it is an occasion to see and talk between people that have the same interests. Further, it creates communities and feelings of membership.

A bit of history…

The origins of this practice lie hundreds of years ago in the mutual aid societies. Those have been found in plenty of societies at all time. Their purpose is to help others, in one specific theme. It raised in its actual form in the USA, originally only women could participate. It has spread over the years in other genders and nationalities.

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