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Grant Management Plan

A grant management plan is essential for all grant projects

Definition of Grant management plan

A Grant Management Plan is a document, which contains important key points for both the submitter of a grant application and the potential funder. Its purpose is to help to convince the grant maker of your project and also managing it smoothly during its life cycle. This is a general overview: Depending on the size of the project, the content differs from case to case, but few points should always be incorporated into a grant management plan. Making a strategy is an important key point to start a grant program.

Content of a Grant Management Plan

  • An outline of the project’s objectives and goals

The essential part: The purpose of the whole endeavour should be described properly and in detail. The objectives should be precise and ambitious, but also realistic. These should align with the philosophy of the granter. Therefore, analyse your possible impact and long-term development.

  • A list of actions to achieve the goals and objectives

The grant management plan should contain all actions that are necessary to obtain objectives and goals. For example, the expected workload and the personnel that will be needed. Define the roles of every participant precisely and consider a possible change of plans in the course of this project.   

  • A timeline for the various stages of the project

A timeline with several main milestones is also part of a grant management plan. In this way, progress is trackable and furthermore helps you to coordinate your efforts with those of your potential grantmaker and vice versa.  

  • A process to handle possible project modifications

Due to unforeseeable events, every carefully considered grant management plan has several back-up mechanisms in it. Adjusting the timeline, possible changes in personnel or replacements should always be kept in mind when defining a plan.


Ideally, the Grant Management Plan should be the road map of your whole project. It begins with it as the convincing tool to the grantmaker, you track your progress with timeline mine stones and it contains all objectives you are pursuing. To manage your portfolio of projects, using a grant management software is a big plus. 

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