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Grant Management Software

Definition Of Grant Management Software

A Grant Management Software is a tool addressed to improve the efficiency of your grants’ management. As a matter of fact, it will look to automate and digitalize the data from all parts of the process.

Breaking Down Grant Management Software

Grant Management refers to the processes and methods an organization harnesses in order to oversees its grants. That is, selecting projects to promote, supporting and monitor them and, eventually, assessing their success.

In detail, a good software usually includes four main features:

  • Request management: if you are a big foundation and you receive many grant requests, it helps you sort them out and streamline them.
  • Project management: it allows you to juggle different projects, organize them properly, assign tasks and so on.
  • Audit & compliance: it gives you an overview of your projects, allowing you to gather data, generate reports and see the result.
  • Assessment: it gives you the chance to see if your projects met the expectations. It can score and rank the projects based on your KPI.

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