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Women’s empowerment

Three women of different skin color - women's empowerment

Definition of Women’s empowerment

Women’s empowerment is, basically, giving power to women in space of society where they didn’t have it. It is a process of making them part of the decision process in a certain area where they didn’t have it. They have to be disempowered in this field as a prerequisite. We talk about empowerment because it enables women to have power over their own life.

Behind the concept

Women’s empowerment is related to the concept of gender. Gender is the ensemble of the characteristics formed by the society that construct the role for men, women, and other genders (in the binary vision, but there can be a lot of various gender). The empowerment can happen in a wide range of society stratum, but mainly, it takes place in economy and politics.

Human Rights take into account what concerns genders equality and the empowerment of women. It is considered as a key way to measure the development of a country too. And it is part of the focuses of the United Nations.

That’s why it is a recurrent care of the corporations in order to be socially responsible.

The ways used to empower women

There are several fields that are considered as a key to give more power to women :

  • education: in a lot of countries, women and young girls don’t have the opportunity to go to school. Or, a woman who knows is a woman that has the most chances to have a participation in society.
  • technology: as it is an access to education, the internet is key to empower women.
  • clean water: it is often something that retains girls to go to school.
  • eliminating discriminatory practices in every stratum of society.
  • giving women a chance to participate in politics is giving them a voice and power in their life.
  • equality in the distribution of resources
  • access to employment: women participate in the economy, but to give them a chance of choosing their life, they need to have a way to make money for themselves.
  • eliminating violence against women
  • access to justice

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