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Bill&Melissa Gates foundation

Definition of Foundation (As the term foundation also refers to the cosmetic appellation of a makeup destined to harmonise the face’s skin appearance, it is useful to specify that we’ll focus here on the legal entity. ) A foundation is an organization whose mission is to help fight a cause, . . . Read more


sponsorship icon

Definition Of Sponsorship The definition of sponsorship largely depends on the context you want to frame it. Nevertheless, the two most common ways to describe it are the following: A brand, organization or individual sponsoring an event, tournament or sport club in order to raise awareness and increase revenues. A person who . . . Read more

Sponsorship Management

sponsorship management

Definition Of Sponsorship Management Sponsorship Management is the way an organization oversees its sponsorship activities. That is, managing pivotal aspects such as project selection, monitoring and assessment. Breaking Down Sponsorship Management Big corporations such as Coca-Cola, Mastercard, McDonald’s and so on spend a lot of money in sponsorship activities and they usually . . . Read more

Sponsorship Management Software

sponsorship management software

Definition Of Sponsorship Management Software Sponsorship Management Software is a tool an organization can use to help improve the efficiency of their projects. A typical software will look to automate and digitalize the data from all parts of the process for the sponsorship activities. Breaking Down Sponsorship Management Software Imagine . . . Read more