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Grant Management Plan

A grant management plan is essential for all grant projects

Definition of Grant management plan A Grant Management Plan is a document, which contains important key points for both the submitter of a grant application and the potential funder. Its purpose is to help to convince the grant maker of your project and also managing it smoothly during its life . . . Read more


donor gives tomatos to someone

Definition of donor A donor is a person or organisation that donates something. It can be addressed to someone or to an organisation. The act of giving has to be freely granted. It is a broad concept, that covers several specific situations. We are going to review them. Behind the concept The . . . Read more

Foreign-owned corporation and their foundations

foreign owned corporation building

Definition of a foreign-owned corporation A foreign-owned corporation or foreign-invested enterprise is a corporation that comes from a foreign country. So, if a company from France wants to participate in Germany, it will establish a company in Germany. This would fall under the appellation foreign-owned. Behind the concept For the most . . . Read more

Corporate foundations

corporate foundations buildings

Definition of corporate foundations A corporate foundation is a type of foundation. This means that it is a non-profit organisation, different from the company. It is part of the private foundation family. The characteristic of this one is that the majority of the funds are coming from one source. The corporate . . . Read more

Charitable giving (charitable donations)

charitable giving - hands holding a gift

Definition of charitable giving The charitable giving takes the form of donations, made by individuals to a charity or an association. Behind the concept… Charitable giving is a big part of what makes a foundation live. They raise funds from individuals along with government, other charities and enterprises’ funds. When . . . Read more

Charitable organizations (Charities)

charitable organisations employee hands together

Definition of charitable organizations Charitable organizations are non-profit organizations with philanthropical, charitable, educational or religious goals. The objective has to be to improve the public interest. Legislation and juridical status of those are different following the country. Behind the concept A charitable organization is often called a charity or a . . . Read more


Bill&Melissa Gates foundation

Definition of Foundation (As the term foundation also refers to the cosmetic appellation of a makeup destined to harmonise the face’s skin appearance, it is useful to specify that we’ll focus here on the legal entity. ) A foundation is an organization whose mission is to help fight a cause, . . . Read more

Private Foundation

building of a private foundation

Definition Of Private Foundation So what’s a private foundation? Its main characteristic is that it is a non-profit organisation, funded by one entity (person or company). Its mission is to help a cause. Through the donation of money or property, the private foundation, like any foundation, will try to have . . . Read more