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The power of social impact for corporates

Social impact is a powerful strategy for corporations. Transforming the core business of a company into a heartwarming video showing of how they change lives is probably the best way to gain attention from the public. By maintaining focus on the social impact and stories of people rather than the . . . Read more

Social investment

Social investment

Key principles of the social investment concept Social investment is investment made into companies or organisations whose mission directly impact social issues. The aim of social investment is to generate a measurable and beneficial social impact with a neutral or positive financial return. The impact of social investment must be . . . Read more

Corporate Social Investment Jobs

Corporate social investment jobs offer many opportunities.

Generally, corporate social investment involves projects, which are not directly connected to the core business of a company and thus not increasing company profit. That is one of the main factors differentiating it from e.g. marketing processes as the latter’s eventual purpose is to increase profit. Moreover, the intention of . . . Read more

Green Investment

green investment

Definition Of Green Investment Green investment refers to the act of allocating capital towards projects whose purpose is to benefit the environment. This financial operation can be carried out by individuals, equity firms, hedge funds or corporations as well. The projects at issue, moreover, can regard: Waste management Pollution reduction . . . Read more

Ethical Investment

ethical investment

Definition of Ethical Investment Ethical investment refers to a specific kind of financial operation whose purpose is to deliver a social impact and gain an average or above-average financial return. The investment can be made by individuals as well as private companies, governments and so on. Breaking Down Ethical Investment . . . Read more

Impact Investing

Symbolic picture of impact investing

Definition Of Impact Investing Impact investing reflects the act of pursuing both a financial and beneficial return, by investing in social and environmental projects. The latter can be brought about by private corporations, funds, universities and so on. The common denominator here is the intention of generating some good. That is, . . . Read more