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What is impact measurement?

There’s no doubt about it, deciding on community activities impact measurement of can be daunting. Where should I start? How can I measure the impact of all my activities? How do I find out what to actually measure? Choose what community programs to include in your impact measurement Just remember, . . . Read more

What is a belief-driven buyer?

Over the years, the perception people have on business and brands has changed. And it continues changing to a more trusting and progressive buying system. In 2017 alone, the rise of the belief-driven buyer increased to 1-in-2 people, with 67% of people saying they brought from a brand for the first . . . Read more

Event sponsorship best practices

Event sponsorship is always closely linked to budget. When you are going to be putting a certain amount of your organisation’s budget into something, you are going to expect to gain a maximum result. To help you get the most of your sponsorship efforts, here are some event sponsorship best . . . Read more

Ambush Marketing

Definition Of Ambush Marketing Ambush marketing, broadly refers to a situation in which a company or product seeks to ride on the publicity value of a major event without having contributed to the financing of the event through sponsorship. The strategy of the official sponsors’ rivals is typically targeting major . . . Read more

Brand Awareness

Definition Of Brand Awareness Brand awareness is the process by which consumers recognise the existence of a company. Brand awareness is a key element when promoting a product or service and its particularly important when launching a new product in the market therefore the aim for this process is to . . . Read more

Social Entrepreneurship

social entrepreneurship

Definition of Social Entrepreneurship Social entrepreneurship is a new and evolving concept. It refers to a a specific corporate and business model that intends to yield social and charitable benefits besides pursuing the maximization of profits. Breaking Down Social Entrepreneurship There are many discussions and theories around this term. While . . . Read more