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Brand Sponsorship

What is brand sponsorship?

Definition Of Brand Sponsorship Brand sponsorship is a marketing strategy in which a brand is supporting an event, activity, person or organization. Everywhere we go we can witness sponsorship investments: music festival, football games, beneficial events and so on. Sponsorship allows big, medium and small brands to partner with other . . . Read more

Sponsorship Activation

Sponsorship Activation

Definition Of Sponsorship Activation Sponsorship activation is the intention of independently promote and advertise, from a sponsors’ point of view, towards a specific marketing opportunity. Such process is formed by the tactical activities that the sponsors devise to exploit to the fullest and by the marketing rights derived from the sponsorship. Think . . . Read more


sponsor-sponsee relationship

Definition Of Sponsee The term sponsee can refer to different frameworks: A natural person who is sponsored by another individual or organization that vouches for him. The reasons in this case are mainly legal: citizenship, work visa and so on A legal entity that receives financing from another organization, which . . . Read more



Definition of Sponsor A sponsor is technically a natural or legal person who endorses and, sometimes, financially supports someone/something. The reasons change depending on the context. Nevertheless, we can identify three main scenarios: An individual sponsoring someone else in order to help him in the pursue of a specific objective: . . . Read more

Music Sponsorship

Music Sponsorship festival

Definition Of Music Sponsorship Music Sponsorship is a marketing technique whose aim is to achieve brand awareness and increase revenues mostly through live music events. Furthermore, addressing a specific and rich target, this marketing tool allows companies to gain loyalty and adopt premium prices.  Breaking Down Music Sponsorship This form of brand . . . Read more

Corporate Sponsorship

P&G corporate sponsorship

Definition Of Corporate Sponsorship Corporate Sponsorship is when an organization intends to boost its image by partner with something that pulls in a large audience. An example could be a sporting event. Breaking Down Corporate Sponsorship At first, it seems like this term is related to brand sponsorship  Nevertheless, when we . . . Read more

Educational Sponsorship

Educational sponsorship illustration

Definition Of Educational Sponsorship We talk about educational sponsorship whenever an organization invests in education-related programs. That is, making sure to eradicate illiteracy as well as giving better opportunities to everybody. There are many ways a company can achieve these goals: donations (cash and equipments), scholarships, and so on. Regardless of . . . Read more

Event Sponsorship

Event Sponsorship example

Definition Of Event sponsorship Event sponsorship is the way in which organizations give support to an event by providing financial assistance, products or services. It is probably the most profitable form of sponsorship. By associating the image of the company with a major event (whether it’s sport, art, culture,…), event . . . Read more


sponsorship icon

Definition Of Sponsorship The definition of sponsorship largely depends on the context you want to frame it. Nevertheless, the two most common ways to describe it are the following: A brand, organization or individual sponsoring an event, tournament or sport club in order to raise awareness and increase revenues. A person who . . . Read more

Sponsorship Data

Definition Of Sponsorship Data Sponsorship data is the information critical for any sponsorship professional to use for the analysis and evaluation of the sponsorship activities. Sponsorship data should be used right through the management process of each sponsorship. Useful Links About Sponsorship Data How sponsors choose the best sponsorship projects . . . Read more