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Sponsorship Management Software

sponsorship management software

Definition Of Sponsorship Management Software Sponsorship Management Software is a tool an organization can use to help improve the efficiency of their projects. A typical software will look to automate and digitalize the data from all parts of the process for the sponsorship activities. Breaking Down Sponsorship Management Software Imagine . . . Read more

Sponsorship Benefits

Unique Sponsorship Benefits

Sponsorship Benefits Sponsorship benefits refer to the return on investment of a sponsorship campaign. It can be measured in a lot of different ways, mainly depending on the goals and KPIs of the company. Breaking Down Sponsorship Benefits Sponsorship yields many temptations for a brand. As a matter of fact, . . . Read more



Definition of CSR CSR, also known as Corporate Social Responsibility, is the way in which organizations can incorporate social issues into their operations. The purpose is to make a positive impact with specific or all stakeholders. Moreover, it refers to the principles and identity the company identifies itself with. Breaking . . . Read more

Sponsorship Awards

Definition Of Sponsorship Awards Sponsorship Awards are given out to those who practice sponsorship in the most innovative and successful manner. Useful Links About Sponsorship Awards Optimy shortlisted for Brussels Best Exporters award! Top 10 must go sponsorship events 2017  

Socially Responsible Business Practices

Socially Responsible Business Practices

Definition Of Socially Responsible Business Practices Socially responsible business practices refer to those corporate activities whose main purpose is to benefit individuals, a community or the environment. They include sponsorship, grants, product donation, corporate volunteering, community engagement and so on. The goals of having a social business strategy in place are the . . . Read more

Request Management

request management

Definition Of Request Management Request management is the way an organization manages and tracks all of their incoming requests. It’s the first step to a successful sponsorship/grant project.  Sponsorship: How To Handle Your Requests If you are a sponsorship manager at a big company such as Coca-Cola, applications and requests . . . Read more

Non Profit Jobs

Definition Of Non Profit Jobs Non Profit Jobs refer to those roles within or related to the non profit world. That is, volunteers, employees, managers and CEOs working in the industry. Breaking Down Non Profit Jobs As generally intended, a non profit is an organization whose primary objective is pursuing a social . . . Read more


Definition Of Grantmaking Grantmaking is simply the awarding of a grant from a foundation or an individual to a non-profit charity or else. The purpose of the act is to support a cause which aims to deliver social and beneficial impact. Also, the grant-maker will eventually earn a good reputation and positive . . . Read more

Grant Management Software

Definition Of Grant Management Software A Grant Management Software is a tool addressed to improve the efficiency of your grants’ management. As a matter of fact, it will look to automate and digitalize the data from all parts of the process. Breaking Down Grant Management Software Grant Management refers to . . . Read more

Grant Management

Grant management table with tools

Definition of Grant Management Grant Management Process Criteria definition Request management Analysis Assessment and ranking Selection Communication Monitoring and project management Return measurement 11 Steps to Successful Grantmaking Define your strategy Write the guidelines Source applications Pre-selection Further review Visits and calls Definitive shortlist Committee decision Formal grant offer Communications . . . Read more